Real Estate Management in the True Cloud

Lx Retail Mobile

iPad Real Estate Access to 100% of end-user features from anywhere using a mobile device with a user interface optimized for use on tablets. Lucernex has even overcome the restrictions of the iPad browser to enable document and photo management on the tablet without using a separate App.
Lx Retail Mobile provides support for use of our complete, standard solution and ALL end user features through a mobile browser.  Since we are a True Cloud solution, there is no need to custom build an APP; Lx Retail Mobile provides access to all end-user features from any device including Lx Maps.

Benefits of Mobile Real Estate

General Benefits
  • Google Maps interface to your entire Portfolio
  • Satellite and Street Views of all locations
  • Auto geocoding from a valid address
  • Drill down from Google Map into any data
  • Client configurable map pin popups
  • View and update info on any page or form from the field
  • Run reports on your tablet
  • View any document or photo
  • Review workflow and task alerts; complete work on site
  • Mobile Real Estate

    Markets and Sites
  • Submit new sites while standing in front of them
  • Complete site surveys on site
  • Model and compare leases from anywhere
  • Use GIS / Mapping tools on location
  • Review comparable leases from anywhere
  • Upload site maps and site photos
  • Run models and negotiate with landlords on site
  • Projects and Capital Projects
  • Update project schedules and budgets on site
  • Submit payment applications, PO’s, change orders and more
  • Create and update new forms on the project site
  • Download and view CAD drawings and, with AutoCAD WS, even annotate and redline
  • View, upload and download photos and documents from anywhere
  • Complete a maintenance ticket from the store
  • Review asset maintenance history
  • Add data and photos to a maintenance ticket
  • Update shopping center data from the mall

  • If you have any questions about our mobile support or would like to see a demo of Lx Retail Mobile, please contact or request product information.

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