Real Estate Management in the True Cloud

Lucernex Included in the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Workplace Management Systems

Lucernex Technologies, the leading provider of cloud-delivered Retail IWMS solutions, announced today it was included in the 2013 Gartner Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) Magic Quadrant in its first year participating in the IWMS survey.

Real Estate in the “Cloud”

When Lucernex started in 2000 we were the first store lifecycle management (SLM) solution to deliver our entire application as 100% Web-based, delivered as an Application Service Provider (ASP) solution. In reality we did not know it at the time but we were actually a Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor even then (according to Wikipedia it was coined in a February 2001 article written by the Software & Information Industry’s (SIIA) eBusiness Division).

IWMS with Sales prediction – the Site ROI predictor

Sales prediction modeling is a tool used by real estate organization with multiple revenue producing sites whether it is direct sales, cell phone contracts, walk-in patients, investment clients, or tuition payments. In all cases a picture of “the customer” must be produced, usually based on past location results or a client defined picture of their customer. Building these prediction models is an art and requires a sophisticated statistician as well as knowledge of the industry and available data.

What Makes some IWMS software so expensive?

There are actually several answers to this question depending on the vendor you are looking at. I don’t believe it is appropriate to mention other vendors in a negative light so I will simply characterize them into groups and potential buyers will need to ask the right questions to ascertain where we all fit. Several vendors, particularly the really expensive ones, fit into many of these categories.

IWMS? It’s Location! Location! Location!

What are the three things that matter in real estate – Location, Location, Location. This old adage about real estate applies to real estate technology as well. The location is what real estate is all about whether you are a 2000 store retailer, a 30 building corporation, a large hotel company or a multi-building campus – everything you do in relation to your real estate is based on a location. And, managing the performance of each location to perform optimally is the ultimate goal for each location whether it’s optimizing revenue or minimizing cost.