Real Estate Management in the True Cloud

True Cloud

Multi-tenancy matters
A True Cloud must be multi-tenant or the benefits of the Cloud are lost. A single version of code and a common user experience allows for highly repeatable processes driving innovation and keeping costs down.
True Cloud
More new features faster
A single version of code for all users means far faster development and testing of new features. Through our user advisory board, customers drive our roadmap and experience fast delivery of new features.
All investment in ONE product
One version of code for all customers and our 100% focus on retail means every dollar we invest in our product, our processes, our people and our customer support benefits all of out clients.
Laser Focused customer support
One version of code and one user experience means support staff can be trained on one product for all clients. Our repeatable ISO certified processes deliver consistent, qualified support, resulting in award winning customer support.
Upgrades are free … really
If you are not getting free upgrades it’s not a True Cloud. One version of code also makes upgrading much simpler. We test our one version of code on one environment. The result is much higher quality product and free upgrades that don’t break your reports or integrations.

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